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We have thousands of people around the world that each day tune into our live streams and take action to improve every area of their lives.

Each month we like to recognise one person who has overcome challenges or obstacles and is on the road to greatness. Below you will find our Hall of Fame members and you will discover what they have done to achieve that accolade.

Mark Pitcher

August 2017

Mi365 - Pete Cohen Podcast
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Abigail Newman

July 2017

Mi365 - Abigail Newman
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Mandy Jones

May 2017

Mi365 - Mandy Jones
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Lisa Hoder

April 2017

Mi365 - Lisa Hoder
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Marcia Mahadevi

March 2017

Mi365 - Marcia Mahadevi
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Dezzie Willoughby

February 2017

Mi365 - Dezzie Willoughby
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Jo Tyler

January 2017

Mi365 - Jo Tyler
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