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Introducing The Mi365 Journal…
What Is The Mi365 Journal?
The Mi365 Journal isn’t just another book, it’s a systemised way to help you get the most out of my daily live streams and your life!

If you’re reading this page, you most probably watch Mi365 live broadcasts everyday.

The Mi365 journal was created to help you achieve the life you desire and to work in conjunction with the live streams.

The Mi365 journal will help you get what you want in life and how to develop the motivation and commitment to keep going…

And then how to allocate the TIME to get this done.
You see there are two types of people in the world.

Ones who will follow the same path they are on now and lead a life that is unfulfilled…

And the other group are people who want more than they have now and aspire to be happier, healthier and more successful in different areas of their lives.

If you are the latter, then the Mi365 journal will help you every step of the way.
Why I Created The Mi365 Journal…
I broadcast live on a Monday on Facebook and have hundred of peoples show up live and by the end of the day thousands have interacted and watched the reply.

In my broadcasts I was always referencing for people to take notes, right down their goals and plan their life.

But it was never in an organised manner that would get people results.

That is why I created the Mi365 Journal!

To help people in a structured way, journal
Here Is A Sneak Peak Inside The Mi365 Journal
Check Out What These Happy Customers Had To Say!
"I highly recommend Pete's Mi365 Journal!" 
"The Mi365 Journal has changed my life!"
"The Mi365 Journal is Powerful!"
"I highly recommend this if you are on a journey"
The Mi365 Journal will last you 4 months and is a great tool for tracking and planning the life that you want!

Many Mi365’ers have benefited greatly from our journal and some say they couldn’t start or end there day without it.

The Mi365 Journal is 21.5cm tall, 19cm wide and 4cm thick. The magic you create with your Mi365 journal has the power to change your life!

“Writing in a journal each day, with a structured, strategic process allows you to direct your focus to what you did accomplish, what you’re grateful for, and what you’re committed to doing better tomorrow.”
See What Efforts The Mi365 Journal Has Had
FAQ About The Mi365 Journal
What are the benefits of keeping a journal?
Keeping a journal gives you a record of your journey and allows you to see the changes in you as you progress on your Mi365 journey. The process of writing things down is also a great way of making commitments and helps you to remember them.
What are the benefits of the Mi365 journal?
The Mi365 journal has been designed specifically for you to use with Mi365 and has been developed by your coach, Pete Cohen, to provide you with the key areas for setting yourself up for the day and reflecting in the evening as well as helping you review your week and set intentions for the week ahead.
How often should I journal?
We recommend that you journal first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and that you also spend some time once a week in reviewing your previous week and planning the next one. The Mi365 journal has been designed with this approach in mind.
How much time do I need to spend on journaling?
To complete the daily Mi365 pages takes around 10 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. The weekly review should require around 30 minutes each week.
What is included in the Mi365 Journal?
A5 journal includes:
• A guide on how to use the journal
• Goal setting pages, using the WOOP technique
• Daily pages broken up into morning and evening sections, including a ‘Magnificent 7’ tracking wheel (the Mi365 method for optimal health).
• Daily notes section – for your own notes or to take notes on Pete’s daily broadcasts
• Weekly review pages
• A review section at the end of the journal to see how far you have come.
How has the Mi365 journal helped other people
We’ve had some fantastic testimonials for the Mi365 Journal. Members who have been using it regularly have told us it gives them:
• One place to keep track of their Mi365 journey
• The structure and method to set each day up right
• A tool to focus them on their own priorities and development
• The opportunity to reflect and learn
• A helpful to structure to use – especially when first starting the Mi365 journey
• The discipline of starting and ending each day with a positive mindset
• A way to maintain momentum from day to day
• An enhanced Mi365 experience
Do I need a Mi365 journal? Couldn’t I just use a notebook?
Of course. Any blank notebook will serve as a journal. The advantage of the Mi365 journal is that it has been designed with Mi365 in mind and is structured to help you get the most from every day, every week and the whole of the six months of the life of the journal.
I’m new to Mi365. Is it worth getting a journal straight away?
Journaling is one of the tools which Pete strongly recommends to support your Mi365 journey right from the outset. If you are new to Mi365 and new to journaling, the Mi365 Journal is a great tool as it includes a full guide to journaling and a simple structure to each day to get you started.
How long will the Mi365 Journal last me?
The journal lasts for 4 months.
How much does the Mi365 Journal cost?
The journal costs £37. That’s just £9.25 per month or under 30 pence per day.
Is the Mi365 journal available outside the UK?
Absolutely. We ship the Mi365 journal worldwide.
Is the Mi365 journal available in other languages?
Not at the moment. The Mi365 Journal is currently only available in English.
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100% Money Back Guarantee
At Mi365 we truly believe in every product and service we offer. That is why we stand by our 100% money back guarantee. If you invest in the Mi365 Journal, complete it the journal for four months and don’t see a drastic change in your life, simply email the Mi365 support team and we’ll refund you your money. It’s that simple.  
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