With Mi365 I’m Becoming A Hero For Myself, My Family And For Others

Mi365 - Alicia Withey

Mi365 Elite came along at the exact right moment in my life. It wasn’t so much that I wanted it or was looking for it, more that I needed to help me overcome the issues I had in the past.

Hello. I’m Alicia, from London. I’m 33 and the mother of two beautiful girls.

Until last year, if you’d asked me what I did, I would have described myself as a single mother first and foremost. That was how I saw myself. I was ambitious, intelligent and resilient but I lacked confidence and would doubt my abilities. I was depressed most of the time and struggled to get through the days. My struggle was down to my lack of focus and direction. I was constantly moving from place to place searching for happiness and, on occasion, abusing my health. I had some really tough times, during my life – some of it I’d much rather forget.

Then, having been introduced to a business opportunity which really inspired me, I met Pete Cohen. I loved his philosophies and started listening to the daily broadcasts. I cried a lot and got over a lot and learned a lot. Then I decided to join Mi365 Elite. The moment I decided to change my life and make a go of things it’s like my past all made sense to me.

Being a part of Elite has given me a place to reflect, a place to share my doubts and fears, a safe haven that helped me overcome nearly all of my negative attributes.

I have gained so much! My confidence has sky-rocketed and I now see how the challenges in my past have made me strong and able to help others. I have a healthy mindset to taking care of myself and now have tools for mindfulness, leadership, and success available to me.

The Mindfulness masterclass, in particular, taught me so many things I never knew. It has equipped me with many lifelong tools and skills to deal with anything life throws at me. It allowed me to meet my inner self and find out who that person is. These days I am a mother, yes, but I am also a lifestyle entrepreneur & digital marketer.

I know now, that I am in control of what happens in my life. My success comes through consistent hard work, action, self-belief, resilience, and a solid daily positive mindset. I get to choose how to respond to situations and that puts me in control.

I am committed to being a great role model for my girls and everyone around me. I know I’m here to make some sort of difference and I’m still working to get stronger every single day. I want to live an incredible life and I know it’s only me that can get me there. I have many dreams and ambitions. All the while I’m enjoying learning and pushing myself beyond my limits every day.

With Mi365 Elite I see myself having more breakthroughs, building more skills and learning more strategies. I am going to become the hero for myself and the rest of the world.

Alicia Withey

If you want to break free of negative thought cycles and poor self-image then join Alicia and many others in Mi365 Elite. Elite is a truly life-changing opportunity which can help you achieve greatness in your life, through a series of monthly Masterclasses, daily broadcasts, live events and ongoing advice and support from our private Elite FB group.

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