How Mi365 Helped Me Transform My Career And To Live A Healthy Life

Mi365 - Cheryl Hughes

My name is Cheryl. I live in the North West of England and I run my own part-time mobile hairdressing business. I also work as a freelance Moderator for City & Guilds examinations.

Two years ago, you probably wouldn’t have recognised me. I was overweight and unable to move too well because of a knee problem which needed surgery. I was a curriculum leader, department manager and teacher in an FE college of Hair, Media make-up & apprenticeships.

I was under a lot of stress when I first came across Pete in May 2016. Via his daily broadcasts I went to work to become a better version of myself. I’ve never missed a broadcast!

I left my job after 8.5 years of service in March 2017. It was great for me to have daily coaching and the support of the Mi365 community to help me as I left work and sought out a new career working for myself.

In the September of that year I went to the first ever Mi365 Summit in London and I was so blown away by meeting the like-minded people there that I decided to join Mi365 Elite so I could really do to work on myself. I was ready to be a better me.

Joining Elite was a turning point for me. I began to feel alive and to lose weight and to get fit. I’ve lost over 3 stone and using the Magnificent 7 as the basis for my daily rituals. I have stopped taking HRT and didn’t need surgery on my knee thanks to my focus on my health. Since leaving my stressful job, I have been starting a small mobile Hairdressing business & will shortly be freelance working for City & Guilds as a moderator.

I’ve learned so much with Mi365 – most importantly that self-development works! By showing up, recording your life in a journal and reflecting on your progress there is no limit to what I can achieve.

Now I’m working on my next steps – defining my purpose and then manifesting that and mastering slip and mindfulness. But I know I can do it.

I can see a future for myself full of success and health … and living to 100!

Cheryl Hughes


If you want to step away from a life of stress and become healthy and happy then join Cheryl and many others in Mi365 Elite. Elite is a truly life-changing opportunity which can help you achieve greatness in your life, through a series of monthly Masterclasses, daily broadcasts, live events and ongoing advice and support from our private Elite FB group.

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