How Mi365 Has Given Me Purpose, Direction And Vision

Mi365 - Eddie McEvoy

Hi there! I’m Eddie, an Instrument Technician, sharing my time between offshore oil rigs and my home in Ayrshire, Scotland.

In 2014 my marriage came to an end and, in the two years which followed, my life became pretty difficult. I was adjusting to a different life, having been married most of my adult life, as well as recovering from surgery on my shoulder. I kept myself occupied with lots of courses during my free time and started a new relationship but I was doubting myself and, because all my fitness rituals were gone, my weight was on the increase. I needed to make a change.

I knew coaching would help me but where do you look?

Then a friend of mine, who was already a member of Mi365 Elite, recommended it to me. He and I are like-minded, so he knew I would enjoy and benefit from what Mi365 had to offer.

I started to tune in and really liked what I was hearing on the free broadcasts. It gave me purpose and direction. I could tune in and watch the videos at a time that suited me. When you work offshore and on shifts, something which allows you to continue to develop yourself at any time of day is pretty important. So, within a week, I had signed up for Mi365 Elite.

Since then, every part of my life has improved. The Mi365 master classes showed me how to take the lead in my own life – in my health, my wealth and in my relationships with those I love. That has taken me to a better place in my life. My weight is back under control – I’ve dropped over 2 stone since I joined Mi365 Elite – my confidence has gone up massively and I am happy.

My confidence has improved to such a degree that I now find it easy to present and step-up in front of other people. I am comfortable taking the safety meetings at work, something I which used to be a real challenge for me! My annual performance appraisals at work have improved year on year too.

Pete regularly reminds us of the importance of having rituals and I’ve built them into every aspect of my life. “Progress is made where progress is measured,” and I’ve applied this to the Mi365 journal which I now use every day to measure my progress. I am back in the exercise ritual too. I now know that I don’t have to act on the duck quacking away in the background, and that things are just as easy to do as they are not to do. I say this to myself often now: “its easy to do and its easy not to do – so you might as well do it.”

Being aware of the duck (the quick emotional responses) means I am more aware of the things I think then say, and their impact on those close to me. This allows me to be more authentic and true to who I am and has meant my new relationship is going from strength to strength.

Now I am moving towards a new chapter in my life as I approach my retirement. I see so many people reach retirement and feel lost, as if it’s the end. I see it as a incredible new beginning for me. I now want to step up and challenge myself more and have enrolled in the Elite Speakers Academy in Sep 2018

My vision of the future is one of a healthy life with my new partner, living well into my 90s and beyond. I fully expect to be busy in retirement with a new outlook and career but working as and when I please. I see myself helping others, through my hypnotherapy (I am a qualified hypnotherapist) and coaching. Mi365 has helped me here too – teaching me more about coaching. I have so much more knowledge on the ways that I can help advise and guide others.

The beauty of everything I have learned from Mi365 is that I now feel there are so many directions I can take my life. It’s there for the choosing.

Eddie McEvoy

If you want to choose the life you want then join Eddie and many others in Mi365 Elite. Elite is a truly life-changing opportunity which can help you achieve greatness in your life, through a series of monthly Masterclasses, daily broadcasts, live events and ongoing advice and support from our private Elite FB group.

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