How Mi365 Has Created An Invincible Me

Mi365 - Mandie Bridge

My name is Mandie and I’m a Life Coach. I’m originally from Blackburn in Lancashire but now I live in the beautiful Shropshire Lake District.

I met Pete at a local event in 2009 when I was a part of his online weight loss community and I believed I had finally found the answer to my weight loss issues. After 6 years of working in the weight loss industry I knew that wasn’t going to solve my weight problems permanently so finding Pete was a real epiphany for me. I posted over 500 posts on his site and was heavily involved in training to deliver the programme on his behalf. Then other issues got in the way, I was forced to disconnect, and my weight went back on.

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to find him again. I’d managed to lose some weight on my own but had stalled. My life was in order. I was happily married, earning good money and this was the only area to be addressed. I knew Pete was the answer, so I found him again.

I joined Mi365 and then Elite very quickly as I knew the deeper work on mindset was what I needed to finish the job and stabilise. The effect this had on me was amazing. I became stronger, more comfortable with myself and more true to myself. The experience reignited my love of coaching – something I’d qualified in after leaving the weight loss industry. This was my passion and Pete was reawakening it.

Then my husband of 10 years, the love of my life, told me he didn’t love me anymore. This ripped me apart. For the next 3 months we tried to work things through, but he was adamant he had to go. All this time we had to keep it from my son who was doing his A’ Levels so the Elite online community was the only place I could speak openly and get the support I so desperately needed. This was a safe place to be in a world of devastation.

Pete taught me that life’s challenges are an opportunity for growth and that no matter how painful, everything happens for a reason. The amazing support of the Mi365 Elite community allowed me to stabilise and using all the skills I had learned here, I was able to keep myself upright. I knew I needed to refocus and find another love in my life. It was at this point that I decided to resign from my job and commit to full time coaching and building my own business.

This was just as well as three weeks after he left in July I found out my husband had been having an affair and had left me to be with her. Impact number two. The master classes got me through this stage – immersing myself in my professional and personal development I am sure saved my sanity. I couldn’t have come through this without Pete and Mi365 Elite.

I have now lost a further 2 stone, but most importantly I am following my dreams. I have built a business I am proud of – I coach young people in schools, run an online coaching group and see private clients. I am committed to making a difference by inspiring others to create the life they love and become the person they want to be. Because that is what I have done.

Through Mi365 Elite, my self-mastery is ongoing – but just watch this space!

Mandie Bridge


If you want to go to work on yourself so you can overcome any challenge then join Mandie and many others in Mi365 Elite. Elite is a truly life-changing opportunity which can help you achieve greatness in your life, through a series of monthly Masterclasses, daily broadcasts, live events and ongoing advice and support from our private Elite FB group.

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