How Mi365 Broke Me Out Of The Dieting Mentality And Created A New Me

Mi365 - Karin O'donnell

Hello. I am Karin O’Donnell and I’m 49. I have 15 year old son who is the apple of my eye and a very supportive partner Leigh of 8 years.

I used to love sport but when injury forced me to give up I got caught in a downward spiral. Throughout my whole adult life my weight has been a constant focus but now, without the ability to exercise, it became a real issue. I felt dispirited, lacking in confidence and with low self-esteem. I was unable to sustain a relationship because of this low self-belief. I tried a range of different diets, none of which worked for long because I used alcohol and indulgent foods to boost my mood.

By February 2016 I weighed 14 stone 12 pound (208lb). I had arthritis of the knees, bulging discs in my neck and sciatica. The only exercise I took was what was needed to get to and from work and the normal ebb and flow of daily life. I wasn’t lazy – in fact I found it very hard to relax but I only had two speeds: stop and go. There was nothing in between. My evenings consisted of watching TV moaning I was depressed eating stuff that made me happy!!

So I started another diet, joining one of the well-known slimming clubs. I embraced their way of “healthy” eating – eating large volumes of food till I felt sick sometimes – and in my first few months I was being celebrated in group with large weight losses. Then, the weight-loss slowed down. Some weeks I’d gain and some weeks I’d lose. It wasn’t sustainable. Breaks from my new diet would see me put on stones (not pounds) and the weekly weigh in just made me miserable. I began to eat to compensate for the way the diet was making me feel.

By August 2016 I weighed 12 stone 8 pound (176lb) and with my family, I climbed Mount Snowdon. My son and partner were so proud of me but I couldn’t fell happy with myself. I was still extremely unfit and I knew the diet wasn’t giving me what I needed in the long term.

In April 2017 I came across Mi365 and soon joined Mi365 Elite. Here is where my mindset started to change and this, for me, is the key to my success.

I had lost 3 stone 2 lb (44 pound) by then but I wasn’t confident that would remain the case. I didn’t feel happy about it or proud of myself. With the support of the Mi365 Elite community I started to work on myself and set meaningful goals. I made health and wellbeing my priority with a vision of looking in the mirror and knowing I was at my best. I started to move more – doing some running – but that wasn’t going to get me to my future self by itself. I knew had to make some changes in my mind and my life.

I started to research the diet I was on why it was not working and why I was ‘a failure.’ The realisation that I am NOT a failure (that none of us) was an important step for me. I recognised that we are a product of marketing and cultural lifestyle that the changes I needed for me had to be by me.

My mental health began to improve and I quickly reached the point where I could actually look at myself and say, “You’re doing okay girl.”

Then Mi365 launched the Mi365 Weight Loss Challenge and, in joining that, I left the diet world behind forever. Now I was in the world of looking of myself my way learning about foods, I changed my relationship with food forever – and this has been the 2nd key to success for me.

Changing my habits one by one has seen me lose even more weight and maintain my healthy weight for nearly a year now. I document and review all of those changes and I learn from others people within the mi365 community. I have restocked my cupboards, continue to pick up tips on healthier eating.

This is just MY way of living now. It’s not a diet, but it’s mine. I have changed my relationship with food forever.

So in total since 1st March 2016 I have lost in the region of 4stone 3 pound (59 pound) – my clothes size has gone from UK size 18-20 to a comfortable 10-12. Since joining Mi365 and working on the Weight Loss Challenge, I have lost over 25cm from my body. I still jump on the scales sometimes – not a habit I have eradicated quite yet – but I measure my success in how I feel and look rather than by a number.

One of the most amazing breakthroughs, however, was going on holiday and not sabotaging all my efforts. I had faun, socialised with friends and enjoyed myself, but I am in control of myself and didn’t let anyone else tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.

It’s been amazing finding mi365. I love the new me: determined, focussed and facing obstacles with tenacity.

If you want to learn to love yourself and escape the dieting trap, then join Lisa and many others in Mi365 Elite. Elite is a truly life-changing opportunity which can help you achieve greatness in your life, through a series of monthly Masterclasses, daily broadcasts, live events and ongoing advice and support from our private Elite FB group.

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