From An RV In New Orleans To The Mi365 Summit

Mi365 - Lisa Hoder

Hi. I’m Lisa, a retired nurse, now living a fulfilling life in New Jersey, USA. It hasn’t always been that way though.

Two years ago things were very different. Having previous suffered from a stroke I was partially paralysed on my right side and had to give up work. I was living with my ex-husband in an RV with very little money and feeling pretty sorry for myself. Those around me led me to believe that I was ugly and unlovable and my only hope was to stay where I was. My days consisted of lying in bed watching TV, eating any- and everything I wanted. I was 50 lbs overweight and always getting sick from one thing or another. It was a very sad existence.

Then I came across Pete Cohen and Mi365 and could see that life had more to offer me. So I joined Mi365 Elite and changed my life.

Since joining Mi365 Elite, I’ve left my ex-husband and that dreadful RV, lost 45 lbs and kept it off give or take a pound here or there. I am healthier today than I think I’ve been in years, which includes eating right, exercising 4-5 times per week and enjoying it all!!

Realising that I am worth it –that I’m not ugly and that people like me – was a huge breakthrough for me. I now make sure that the people in my life are there because I choose to have them there.

In 2017, I was the Mi365 Member of the Month, and I made the promise to myself then that I was going to get to the UK to meet face to face the people who have become my friends and supporters.

I met Pete in person when he was on a trip to New York and I spent the better part of the day with him. I got to hear him speak the next day. That, plus watching clips of the 2017 Summit made me realise just how awesome the 2018 Summit was going to be. So now I am embarking on a new adventure.
I’m coming to London in September 2018 to come to the Mi365 Summit.

I’m pretty excited – even though this is a big step for me. I’ve never been to Europe before so I am planning to take in the sights too.

Taking a trip like this on my own, by myself, is pretty scary, but the members of Mi365 have been so awesome and hospitable, it’s like going to visit old friends. Also working through the content of Mi365 Elite has given me the confidence and willpower to achieve anything I put my mind to.
I cannot wait to meet all the wonderful people I have come to know so well online.

Plus, I know the Summit will help me focus on my future plans too. I am always ready to grow and lean and be the best person I can be.

Lisa Hoder

If you want to find the confidence to do things you’ve never done before then join Lisa and many others in Mi365 Elite. Elite is a truly life-changing opportunity which can help you achieve greatness in your life, through a series of monthly Masterclasses, daily broadcasts, live events and ongoing advice and support from our private Elite FB group.

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