For The First Time In My Life, I Feel Valued, Supported And That Life Is Truly Worthwhile!

Mi365 - Elisabeth Jackson

Hello. I’m Elisabeth from Inverness in Scotland and I am a retired medical secretary.

Before Mi365 I was a victim of my past and believed I could not change. I suffered so much trauma in my past, growing up with an abusive alcoholic father then marrying an emotionally abusive alcoholic man, whom I lacked the confidence to leave for 26 years. Add to this severe bullying at school and work and it will not surprise you that I had mental health issues. I tried to take my own life twice – once in my teens and latterly in my late 50’s. After my second attempt I realised that I had to change my behaviours and look at ways to reclaim my life.

What followed was 6 years trying to regain some self-belief with the help of my wonderful second husband, a counsellor, psychiatrist, life-coaching group, self-help books, Buddhist meditation and Mi365!

My psychiatrist had suggested meditation in order to focus on the here and now and, at around the same time, I joined a local meetup group where I met Mi365 member Suzy Beaumont. I got involved in Buddhist meditation and Suzy held a life coaching group at her house which I joined. Through that group I heard about the benefits of Mi365. I joined the free Mi365 group and attended Suzy’s conference in April 2017. Pete Cohen spoke there and really inspired me with his enthusiasm and tips for self-help. In May 2017, I decided to join Elite to gain more knowledge to improve my mental health.

Pete’s live broadcasts have provided me with a focus and I have learnt the importance of incorporating daily rituals into my life. The topics every week have provided me with invaluable tools to help keep my mental and physical health in good shape in order to live my life in a healthy and positive way. I can now make good choices about what is best for me and to trust my gut! I have gained the realisation that I am worth it and have so much to live for and can contribute something to society by being kind and compassionate to myself and others. I still have the “quacking” duck in the background from time to time but have learnt the skills to evaluate and shut that duck up. Most of all, I have learnt how to enjoy life!

Being Elite has provided me with support from the online group and the realisation that, while we all struggle with life from time to time, it is how we think about these situations/traumas which is important. Life can always be worse and you need to treasure every day. You can’t change your past or predict your future but you can be thankful for each and every day. All in all I have achieved a much more positive healthy outlook to life! For the first time in my 61 years, I feel valued, supported and life is truly worthwhile!

I now have much more self-belief and have learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I recently found the confidence to join a writing group – something I would not have had the confidence to do previously My long term goal is to write my life story as I want it to provide hope for others who suffer as I did and show that there is a way to recover and build your life back up.

My future is to be the best person I can be and to continue to develop and grow. I will share my journey with others in the hope of inspiring them. I will also learn from others and continue to forge new friendships along the way. I believe we are all work in progress and can never gain enough knowledge and experience and always continue to learn from others throughout our lives!

Elisabeth Jackson


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