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I’m Pete Cohen and I am the creator Of Mi365

Hi, I’m Pete Cohen and I am the founder of Mi365. Before I tell you more about myself, let me tell you how Mi365 started.

One day, a friend of mine said that I should check out a live broadcasting App called Periscope, because they thought that I would be able to use it to help many people around the world. I fired up the App and went live with my first broadcast in 2015; it had no structure, I most probably waffled a lot, and only five people watched.

But from that very moment, I realised how powerful live broadcasting could be and how I could make an impact on the world even more.

About Pete Cohen

From that live broadcast evolved Mi365; I now broadcast live to the Mi365 Elite members, Tuesday to Friday, at 7am UK time plus I make a free public broadcast every Monday at 7am on Facebook and Instagram. Thousands of people around the world listen in, to improve their lives, break bad habits, overcome fears, have better self-belief and much more.

In a world where there is so much negativity and bad news published everywhere, my hope is that Mi365 will be that positive light that makes a difference in people’s lives day-in an to and day-out, and I welcome you to join Mi365, tune in and start to achieve greatness in your life. The first step to find out more is to enter your email address and I will send you details on how you can watch my live broadcasts.

In terms of who I am, and why you should potentially listen, I have been working in the field of human behaviour, psychology and personal development for 20+ years. I have had my own TV shows, been featured on radio, in national newspapers and magazines, and helped some of the world’s greatest athletes with their mindset and overcoming obstacles they may have faced.

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Working in sports performance coaching, Pete has helped world class sporting stars and teams reach their peak performance, including Sally Gunnell, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Ellen MacArthur, Roger Black, the Kent Cricket Team and the Arsenal Football team.

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About Pete Cohen

“Pete Cohen’s ability to help people transcend their unwanted habits fears and phobias is amazing. I would recommend Pete Cohen to anyone who wishes to bust any unwanted habits or behaviour. With his methods, so much is possible.”

~ Dr.Hilary Jones

About Pete Cohen

“Pete Cohen’s expertise is matched only by his enthusiasm for helping people improve their lives. He has honed his skills by working with a broad range of clients from those with complex problems to sports champions.”

~ Paul McKenna