My journey began in December 2015, I felt really quite poorly, very overweight, and had incredibly low self-esteem, I felt ill most of the time and just knew that I had to do something to change my life.

I’d been listening to Pete on Periscope for quite a while and then Mi365 came along and I knew it was exactly what I needed.

I learnt so much from Pete. From the very beginning, I listened to Pete’s broadcasts every day, I started to journal and record every step of my progress and my thoughts.  I focussed on the fundamentals, especially clean eating and exercise to improve my health.

I made small changes in the hope of reaching big goals, focussing on my WHY and trying to be as consistent as possible. I knew that any bumps in the road were just an opportunity to learn and then, the results started to come.

With my new-found confidence, I started a new job after 12 years of doing the same thing.  I’ve lost 5 stone and 107cm from around my body, I’m doing four or five gym classes a week and I ran 5k last week.  I’ve thrown away all my old clothes and I feel like a million dollars, and then an amazing thing happened…my partner asked me to marry him and of course I said yes.

How much my life has changed; last year’s wallflower was this year’s party diva as I danced the night away.

As 2016 comes to an end, I’m saying goodbye to the old Jo. Mi365 has given me the tools to create a new Jo and I love the new Jo!  My journey won’t stop here though, I’ve got so much more to achieve. So, for anyone else thinking of doing Mi365, I just say GO FOR IT!!!


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